Moody Wall Spirits of the Tomb

April 16, 2011

Wall Spirits are the spirits of creatures sealed in a tomb.  “Active” Wall Spirits usually manifest as talking faces in a rock wall.  Sometimes these faces remain even after the spirit has left the tomb, in which case they are “inactive” and are simply an inanimate face on the wall.  Wall Spirits cannot directly affect or be affected by PCs, so encounters with Wall Spirits are usually role playing opportunities.  They can speak any language.  Each Wall Spirit has a disposition that is used by the judge as a guide for its behavior.  Regardless of disposition, they are subject to standard reaction rules, but instead of attacking they give misleading clues, activate nearby undead, etc.  If the PCs get on the good side of a Wall Spirit, it could give them clues regarding the tomb, pacify nearby undead, etc.

In the Tomb of the Monkey God, each Wall Spirit has one of these dispositions:

1 Paranoid
2 Confused
3 Witty
4 Vulgar
5 Grumpy
6 Belligerent


Because I had that little Disposition table already included in the Tomb adventure, I decided to reuse it in a magical effect:

The fountain of a woman nursing a baby gorilla.  Healing waters.  One use per day per person.  Heal d6 hp and PC gains a Disposition until tomb is exited.

A lot of fun packed into one little table.  What other uses can you think of for the Disposition table?


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