Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Flight of the Panther

April 15, 2011

You feel like a sparrow in a cathedral as you glide past the huge tree trunks of the Dark Jungle on the back of the powerful panther.  The big cat effortlessly weaves and pounces through the rotting jungle floor, honeycombed with downed trees, fungus covered crags, and pools of buzzing water.

You arrive at Smoke Ravine and without hesitation the cat unleashes every muscle in her body and takes flight…

(Successful Luck saving Roll)

You look down into the ravine as you glide over on the back of the sleek panther.  Smoke Ravine is indeed smoky and far below a thin red-orange flow of lava seems to boil in frustration.  You feel the heat on your face and hold on tight to your ride.  The cat lands softly on the other side and continues running.

Later in the day, you ask the cat to stop so you can rest and look for signs of the Bat war party’s trail.

(Successful Luck saving Roll)

You find their trail and determine that you are now only 2 days behind them.

The cat takes you as far as it can go: the edge of the Dirty Hairy escarpment.  You thank her and send her back to Never-Seen-the Sun.  You now must choose your next shortcut:

Climb down the face of the Dirty Hairy escarpment.
Get to the bottom by descending through the giant ant tunnels.

All are welcome to participate in this adventure.  Just indicate in the comments which course of action you’d like to see followed.  Optionally, you can provide a semi-relevant movie quote and a bonus will be granted to the character’s rolls.  Check out the previous posts about Revenge in the Dark Jungle.


2 Responses to “Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Flight of the Panther”

  1. Molly O'Jolly said

    Giant ant tunnels mean giant ants, lots of them. I don’t like ants, especially fire ants. They bite. It hurts. Let’s go down the Dirty Hairy escarpment. I like Clint Eastwood. He doesn’t bite. Not so hard anyway.

    Some kinda movie quote should go here, to get some kinda bonus. So as the PC goes down the escarpment he says something befitting Dirty Hairy, like “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

  2. […] Fire Ravine These are steep canyons with flame and lava bubbling far below.  Fire Ravines vary in width, typically from 3 to 60 feet wide (3d20).  When a Fire Ravine hex is created, roll d6 to determine how long it is.  Chain that many hexes in one or two directions from the current hex, if possible (also draw tiles to determine any other encounters in the hexes).  Some of these ravines can be crossed by swinging on vines.  Lung Eatin’ Hayes is famous for his flight across a wide ravine on the back of a panther. […]

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