Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Wet Beard

April 11, 2011

You lash together a stout raft of jungle vine and bamboo and set off in the swift water of Spindle River.  The dark canyon winds through the overhanging jungle, dimly lit by phosphorescent moss on the wet rocks.  Sometimes the canyon widens into circular chambers, torquing the river into strong whirlpools and twisting rapids.

(Successful Strength saving roll)

The river spins, tumbles, and batters you,  but is unable to rip you from the raft.  Drenched, you float into a calmer stretch of river and emit a triumphant “Wagh!”.  As you wring out your beard, you begin to hear a large waterfall ahead.  Hemmed in by the canyon walls, you have no choice but to take the plunge over the falls.

(Successful Luck saving roll)

You are hurled over the waterfall and fall several hundred feet.  With incredible luck you land in a deep pool and do not strike any rocks.  You swim to shore in a daze.

When you get to the jungle shore a voice is heard nearby:

“You fish poorly,  wet-beard.”

You look up and see a native warrior standing there with a full basket of fish and a long barbed spear.  It is a warrior of the Squarehead tribe, distinguishable by their misshapen head due to infantile head clamping.  You’ve had friendly relations with the tribe in the past, but have never seen this particular fella before.

Choose your response:

“If’n I knowed thar be watchers, I woulda dun more ‘saults n ‘crobats on der way down.”
“Were ya skwar-hed born lek that?  Yer motter musta skweeled lek a baboon pinched by a snek!”

All are welcome to participate in this adventure.  Just indicate in the comments which course of action you’d like to see followed.  Optionally, you can provide a semi-relevant movie quote and a bonus will be granted to the character’s rolls.  Check out the previous posts about Revenge in the Dark Jungle.

3 Responses to “Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Wet Beard”

  1. Molly O'Jolly said

    Eeanie-meanie-miney-mo…no, I don’t like that one.

    Let’s go with the first option.

  2. […] the river is dangerous due to its swift and swirling current, but not impossible.  Some of the bravest or foolish have been known to ride rafts or canoes for rapid downstream travel, but it’s a good idea get off before the river plunges back […]

  3. […] I likey.  Reminds me of when ol’ Mossy Hayes plunged over the falls. […]

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