The Bamboo Telegraph and Free Download

April 5, 2011

Over the past month or so I’ve posted various rumors and legends about the Fire in the Jungle setting.  Many of these came from the “Player Handout Sheet” contained in the FitJ supplement.  In fact, now all of the rumors on that handout sheet have been posted somewhere on this blog, so I figure I might as well make the handout sheet a free download.

Click here to download the Fire in the Jungle Player Handout Sheet.

The Bamboo Telegraph

Bamboo Telegraph is the name for a phenomenon of information dissemination in the jungle.  It’s a rumor mill, news central, gossip machine, story hour, and search engine.  Theoretically it’s simply the result of oral communication, but its speed, fickleness, and comprehensiveness suggest a supernatural operation.  Mastering it takes time and experience and is not without dangers.

Three ways your jungle campaign can use the Bamboo Telegraph:

  • Some campaigns require that the PCs train, spend money, or return to town to level up.  With the Bamboo Telegraph, tales of the PC’s exploits are gossiped and spread quickly, as if the jungle itself was your witness.  No need to train or return to town to level up…leveling can occur in the middle of an adventure or in the middle of the jungle.
  • PCs can gather news, rumors, and legend via the Bamboo Telegraph.  It functions much the same as the Sage in traditional D&D settings.  Almost any question can be answered, given enough time and money.  But the answers are not always reliable.
  • As the PCs rise in level, they are better able to manipulate the Bamboo Telegraph.  Accurate info becomes easier to obtain or discern at higher levels.  False rumors and can be spread to further the PC’s agenda.  Often times, high level PCs usage of the Bamboo Telegraph resembles the effects of Clairvoyance and Suggestion spells.

Use the Bamboo Telegraph to foil the plans of the evil jungle king!


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