Ceptaar the Bolo Man

April 1, 2011

In a treasure hunter’s book of spurious tall tales and self-serving half-truths, this passage offers a glimpse at Ceptaar in his youth:

“Ceptaar,” I said to my native guide, “I do believe this riddle is a test of integrity.  Perhaps it be best if you answer for me.”

“No, sir.  It must be you.  Only way, sir.”

I paused to consider my answer, then said it aloud:  “Two bald women and a red-eyed canary.”

The volcano rumbled.  We lost our footing and slid off the edge of the stairs all the way down to the jungle.  Just a few scrapes and bruises, nothing serious.

“I believe my answer was incorrect!”

“Yes, sir.  I believe it was, sir.”

We shared a hearty laugh and I declared, “I guess I’ll try another day to pass the tests of the Old Volcano.”

“Yes, sir.  You’ll try another day, sir.”

Faithful Ceptaar was a strong boy and already had a bolo, the large machete that is a status symbol among the natives.  I also suspect he had a Secret Talisman, but I never did find out for sure.  I wonder what ever become of him.

The strong boy grew into a stronger warrior…

Image from the Phillipine Comics Art Museum

Ceptaar is tall, strong, and charismatic.  He is known and respected by nearly all natives in the jungle as the only living person to have climbed the Stairs of the Old Volcano.  Ceptaar could be ruler of the jungle if he wanted to, but instead he roams alone to all corners of the jungle, doing whatever it is he does.  Nobody knows the real purpose of his wandering. Some say he has been outside of the jungle and can speak foreign languages.  Ceptaar wields a Bolo (large machete) and his Secret Talisman is a sliver of bamboo that is inserted under the skin in the center of his back.  It stops projectiles and grants great jumping ability.


2 Responses to “Ceptaar the Bolo Man”

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