Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Intro

March 28, 2011

So last week I mentioned the saga of Liver-Eating Johnson.  I was thinking about how it could be converted into an interesting roleplaying adventure, but decided “Nah, it would probably end up being too heavy handed.”  Then I thought, “Hmm, choose-your-path solo adventures are kinda railroady by design, the saga is basically one man’s story, and I was considering doing another solo adventure on my blog, so…”

The Jungle of Lost Souls adventure was a success (despite all characters dying), so let’s try another solo adventure. We’ll use the Tunnels & Trolls rules again since they seem to work well for solos.  The adventure is set in the Dark Jungle region, and here is our vengeful Jungle Man:

“Mossy” Hayes, Level 4 Warrior
Strength 17
Charisma 8
Dexterity 12
Luck 15
Constitution 11
IQ 8

Combat Adds +8
Leather Armor (character is a warrior, so leather absorbs 12 damage)
Machete 2D+3
Mossy’s Kickin’ Boots:  Successful kick will stun opponent.

Just as with the Jungle of Lost Souls adventure adventure, everybody is welcome to participate in the comments.  Indicate which path or action you’d like to see the character perform.  The choice with the most votes will be taken.

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The actual adventure will begin in a couple days.  In the meantime, here is the introduction…

After several years of exploring and surviving the Dark Jungle you decided it time to acquire a wife.  Running Bird, daughter of Broken Rain, chief of the Greyfoot natives (named for their mud-covered lower limbs), captivated your interest the last time you had visited the clan to trade.  And so after that dry season’s Rendezvous you took a dowry of many skins, weapons, and live animals to the chief.  An elaborate ceremony began, in which Broken Rain pretended to be surprised and hesitant to accept your offer.  Finally, a deal was made for you to wed Running Bird.  Broken Rain was very happy.  A week of festivities ensued before you and your wife were allowed to return to your trapping grounds to prepare for the next rainy season.

It was a productive season of trapping and hunting.  Running Bird was more than capable of taking care of herself and the hut for periods of time, enabling you to engage in long, multi-week treks to the most productive regions of jungle.  As you returned from the final foray, you couldn’t help but thinking about how this was your most profitable season ever and what gifts you might purchase for your wife at the upcoming Rendezvous.

But something was clearly wrong as your hut came into view.  A maintained homestead in the Dark Jungle can show considerable deterioration after only a week of not being maintained.  That was precisely how it looked.  As you got closer, buzzards near the front entrance squawked and flew up to the safety of high branches.  There on the ground you saw the remains of Running Bird, flesh rotted and stripped to the bone.  You recognized the design of her painted fingernails.

Nearby you discovered the remains of your unborn child.


6 Responses to “Revenge in the Dark Jungle: Intro”

  1. Cartomancer said

    Ooooohhh, this means war!! Full blown Arnie in Commando war!!

    Are there any sign of the culprits as given the good hunting, i doubt this is an animal attack (even if it is, vengance should be reaped)

  2. dpbrandt said

    Yup, there is a sign…a black arrow lodged in the exterior of the hut…but that is part of the first post of the “actual adventure”. This post is just the intro. 🙂

    Haha, Commando! Lots of great quotes in that movie that we can use in this adventure.

    In fact, I quoted the movie in the FitJ supplement:
    “Don’t disturb my friend, he’s dead tired.”

  3. Molly O'Jolly said

    I shriek in madness and wait for the next post…

  4. dpbrandt said

    The next post has been posted!

  5. […] the most hardy and crazy of Jungle Men (such as Lung-Eatin’ Hayes) go it alone.  Most team up with others to form reliable units called bands for the season long […]

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