Jungle Alert! Tenkar’s Tavern reviews FitJ.

March 22, 2011

Over at his tavern, Tenkar posted a mini review of the Fire in the Jungle supplement.  I’m happy to learn that he found it packed with useful ideas and inspiration.  By no means do I feel my little book is groundbreaking or the be-all-end-all of jungle settings, but I do believe there are some fresh, imaginative, game-able ideas in it and I thank Tenkar for helping spread the word.

Because it’s a “mini review” Tenkar doesn’t go into any detail on the flavor of the setting, but he does get across the method by which the setting is primarily presented:  random tables, simple rules sub-systems, and flavorful stuff easily adaptable to your own campaign.


One Response to “Jungle Alert! Tenkar’s Tavern reviews FitJ.”

  1. tenkar said

    I’m eager to see ChicagoWiz’s take on it too.

    Thanks again, it was a pleasure to read. Some really great suff.

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