Jungle Alert! PLANET ALGOL: Sea of Spices

March 15, 2011

Follow along at the PLANET ALGOL blog as a group of adventurers brave the Sea of Spices.

Here’s an excerpt of the jungle awesomeness happening there:

“The next morning they set out for the mountain rising above the jungle; for two days they slash and tread and sweat and drudge through the thick undergrowth and choking lianas, encountering naught but occasional placid family groups of orangutans. By the evening of the second day they have reached the rocky base of the vegetation encrusted mount and while searching for a campsite they discover an ancient road of worn black stones in the jungle, heading directly for the mountain. There are intermittent piles of crumbled basalt slabs alongside the road which the Scholar Amarath identifies as the vastly ancient remains of buildings.”


One Response to “Jungle Alert! PLANET ALGOL: Sea of Spices”

  1. Blair Algol said

    Thanks for the mention and kind words!

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