Tales of the Pronomir

March 11, 2011

I recently purchased a vintage Basic D&D box set (Holmes edition) and found a typed adventure recap among the contents.  Nine pages in length.  Though not explicitly set in a jungle, some of the names sound like it could be near a jungle:  Enchanted Island, Cha Kha Khan, and a boat named Tiger Toi.  Even if not jungle-related, it’s still quite interesting.  The setting may also have a Gamma World influence…a town is named Danziego.

Also interesting is that it was mailed from Los Angeles to Maryland in 1980, likely from the DM to a player.  Check out the last page of the pdf (I digitally blurred out the recipient’s address).

I’d like to learn more about this apparently homebrew setting and adventure.  I posted about it at the Acaeum, but nothing learned there yet.  Anybody know anything about the “Tales of the Pronomir”?  Did you, or somebody you know, play in this game?  Check it out:  Tales of the Pronomir


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