Zippophanes’ Fantastic Tinderbox

March 8, 2011

This magic item is a small metal box with a hinged lid.  It is rumored to have many powers, but the most accessible is to say the magic phrase and the lid opens to reveal a flame.  The phrase is usually inscribed on the side of the box.  Common examples:

  • “Yeah thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for I am the evilest son of a bitch in the valley”
  • “When I die, bury me face down so the whole world can kiss my ass”
  • “Death is our business and business has been good”
  • “Good grief Charlie Brown”
  • Many more here.

Images from "The Vietnam War Zippo" website, which has many more examples and history of the war zippo. Click image to go there.


One Response to “Zippophanes’ Fantastic Tinderbox”

  1. […] with a cushy leather armchair, a small table with a corncob pipe, a pouch of loose tobacco, a Zippophanes’ Fantastic Tinderbox, and a velvet smoking jacket with a fancy dragon embroidery.  If the jacket is worn, the tobacco […]

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