Smoking in the Jungle

March 7, 2011

For the past two weeks I’ve been busy and then on vacation, so hadn’t noticed that Armchair Gamer wrote about jungle in the Philippines, including a cool encounter idea.  And, lo!  He included a link to my little blog here.  Salamat!

My jungle setting is influenced by Filipino mythology (if only because I’m more familiar with it than other jungle-related cultures), but I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to create a true “Filipino Fantasy” setting, like the Armchair Gamer discusses.  Maybe someday I will attempt to do that, but for now I am only influenced by Filipino mythology.

For example, the kapre, a large cigar-smoking tree demon or ogre.  I created an NPC loosely based on it:

The Cougher is a huge man with bushy hair and beard. He lives in the trees and is rarely seen, but his coughing is often heard and his cigar smoke is often smelt. He always smokes several large cigars at a time, the embers of which turn into fireflys as they fall. Despite his brutish appearance, he is actually quite friendly. He often rummages in The Heap, finding strange junk leftover from the Wizard Wars. He has a grenade, but doesn’t know what it is.

"He Who Smells Like Hell" A depiction of a kapre by lariz19 @


2 Responses to “Smoking in the Jungle”

  1. Alex said

    Oh, no problem! I look forward to all your output!

  2. […] to leave anything behind for the enemy, the jungle base was destroyed, pushed all together into one big pile of trash a thousand feet high and set on fire. The war didn’t last much longer after […]

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