Jungle of Lost Souls: The Gauntlet

February 26, 2011

Your party storms the alley at the heart of the apeman gathering.  They stream down the walls and out of the doors.  You are overwhelmed by a chorus of roars.  A strange, manlike ape leaps out in front of your party, and others come shambling up from the sides.

You see ten of the creatures, but surely there are more where these come from.  Nonetheless, you are determined to fight for your loot.  You and OT charge into melee, fighting back to back.

But it is hopeless.  They quickly deliver a deadly blow to OT.  Then you are smothered in a mob.  The leader separates you from the dogpile and lines up his gang along each side of the alley.  You must run the gauntlet.

Jungle legend has it that some of the apemen are sinisterly intelligent.  These creatures certainly don’t show it!  They use tooth, claw, and clubs.

(Failed Level 4 Saving Roll on Constitution)

Alas, the punishment is too much for Durby.  He dies, forgotten in a forgotten city.

Well, that’s the end of the adventure, fellas.  This was a challenging solo adventure, as these T&T solos often are, but lots of treasure to be had if lucky! Maybe I’ll start a new adventure eventually, but not today since I am leaving on vacation tomorrow.

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