Designed to be Destroyed

February 25, 2011

The Fire in the Jungle supplement was designed to be easily destroyed.  At 16 pages, it is easily shredded in one pass by a home office paper shredding machine.

Hehehe.  Hopefully it doesn’t offend anybody to that degree.  What I meant to say was that the layout and sections were designed so that, if taken apart, the individual pages are self-contained sections, front and back.

  1. Remove staples.
  2. Remove center map.
  3. Cut the rest of the sheets along the spine.

This procedure results in the following pieces:

  • Cover art, with brief jungle history and description of natives on back.
  • Two page center spread of the judge’s map of the jungle.  The reverse contains all the descriptions of map features and points of interest.
  • One page Jungle Event System, with event and encounter tables on front; event descriptions on back.
  • One page Ant Exploration System, with event and encounter tables on front; Special Chambers descriptions on back.
  • One page Tomb of the Monkey God dungeon, with color map and major room descriptions on front; encounter and discovery table, escalation system, and unique treasure descriptions on back.
  • One page with stats and descriptions of monsters and NPCs of the jungle, front and back.
  • One page player handout sheet with small map and legends on front; painting of The Witch on back.

The print version comes with a free PDF, so I don’t expect many people will put their book under the knife…easy to just print out the pages at home.  But the thick stock paper of the print version makes for sturdy single page reference sheets, and there is room on the inner margin for a three-hole punch.  Oh, and the front and back cover art look good in frames and is higher resolution in the print version than in the PDF.

Two-page map and cover art.

One sheet, front and back, for each section.


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