Jungle of Lost Souls: Jackpot!

February 24, 2011

You are strangely drawn to the jaguar idol.  OT suggests that you offer a prayer, so you drop to your knees, bow deeply, and express your soul’s wishes.

The god’s gentle voice speaks in the breeze.  “It has been centuries since I have been addressed in prayer.  I place my blessing upon you.”

(+5 to IQ attribute)

You smile at your new found enlightenment and thank the god profusely.  Then, on to looting…

You crawl over piles of rubble teeming with spiders and centipedes, but, on the other side, you come to the mouth of a tomb.  It is obviously the tomb of a king or a high priest. Your search pays off; in a secret vault you recover golden and silver plates, vessels, and wrought objects worth 27,000 gp.

In a recess in a wall, you find a magic item…

A lucky crocodile tooth encased in a sphere of crystal.  (increase Luck by 50%)

A hooting cry makes you whirl around.  You spot a gorilla-like thing on the rooftop and others shambling toward you in the shadows below it.

Rush the creatures, not knowing how many there are?  Or try to flee through the gate of the city, into the jungle, leaving behind almost all the treasure?

(560 adventure points earned so far.  Next level at 1000.)

View all posts of the Jungle of Lost Souls adventure.  Anybody is welcome to participate in the comments!


One Response to “Jungle of Lost Souls: Jackpot!”

  1. Dean Courter (Burraggha) said

    Show them our metal. We’ve come this far with so many lives lost, now that we have found treasure, keep it or die!

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