Boomboo and Bamboom: Under the influence of Paul Jaquays

February 23, 2011

Still waiting for the final proof to arrive.  Meanwhile, here’s another outtake from the Fire in the Jungle supplement…Exploding Bamboo.  Removed for two reasons (in addition to simply being pushed out of the 16-page book by other things):

  1. I wasn’t inspired to write an interesting description for it.  My best/worst effort:  “Bamboom is exploding bamboo, naturally.”
  2. Paul Jaquays included exploding bamboo in his excellent The Enchanted Wood, calling it “Boomboo”.

Not that I couldn’t recycle the idea of exploding bamboo, but it was already done quite well in The Enchanted Wood.  Though little of Mr. Jaquays published adventure modules and settings are jungle-related, they did influence the creation of my jungle setting.  Here are my favorites:

The Enchanted Wood is more of a “dark fairy forest” than it is a jungle.  It has a nice mix of wilderness, dungeon, NPCs, and random weird stuff.  I tried to give the Fire in the Jungle supplement a similar variety.

Griffin Mountain describes a large wilderness setting, reminding me of the Upper Midwest and Great Plains.  No jungle there, but just prior to getting deep into creating my jungle setting I had used Griffin Mountain as the basis for a “Lewis & Clark”-type exploration campaign.  Sadly, it was short lived, but it did influence the direction I took in creating Fire in the Jungle.

The Book of Treasure Maps is a collection of mini-dungeons.  One of them is “The Journal of Valan the Bold”, detailing a small tomb located deep within a dark jungle.  Check out the adventure log of when my brother and I played this, ending with a Carousing Mishap.

Caverns of Thracia is a large dungeon complex set in a jungle, but there isn’t much, if any, description of that jungle.  I’ve yet to use it in actual play, but check out this excellent collection of posts at The Alexandrian for a taste of adventuring in the caverns.

The lesson of all this:  Keep your bamboo dry and your dungeons jaquayed!


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