Jungle of Lost Souls: Curses!

February 22, 2011

The water imparts The Curse of Weakness, cutting your Strength in half.  The fountain water then drains away until empty.  You leave the temple and return to exploring the city.

You approach a temple door of corroded bronze, part of which lies on the floor, almost buried by mud, rank grass, and vines.  Your party picks its way over the threshold and looks around the interior.  It is lichen-stained; the ancient columns sag with the weight of centuries and are garlanded with dry, brown creepers.  A humid, sickly-sweet jungle breeze breathes in through the gaping windows, whose shutters have been long-lost through the storms of time.  A jaguar-headed idol sits menacingly at the far end of the chamber, camouflaged by shadows and leafy vines.

Worship the jaguar god?  Or simply search here for loot?

(542 adventure points earned so far.  Next level at 1000.)

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4 Responses to “Jungle of Lost Souls: Curses!”

  1. Molly O'Jolly said

    How strange it would be to fall down and worship some strange god one comes across in a ruined temple. Search for loot; it’s a hoot.

  2. dpbrandt said

    Hehe, yeah. But then Durby just got zapped for half his strength and may be feeling a little delirious.

    And there’s also the “hmm, I wonder what would happen…” factor. 😉

  3. Dean Courter (Burraggha) said

    Whats a prayer going to hurt? In theory we can still look for loot afterward. I say pray first. Pray for safe passage and strength…

  4. dpbrandt said

    A roll of the die to determine our choice. Even = loot. Odd = worship. d6 = 5. Worship.

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