Jungle of Lost Souls: The Lost City

February 20, 2011

You quietly retreat away from the Taweii village.  Once again you endure…

…attacks of fever-bearing insects in all shapes and sizes.  The weakened condition of your party allows jungle fever to strike.

(Successful Constitution saving roll)

(Henchman #1:  failed Constitution saving roll)

(Henchman #2:  Successful Constitution saving roll)

The Fever claims another victim.  While digging a shallow grave for the dead, your last henchman begins to loose his sanity.  He claims you are cursed and insists that you and him go separate ways.

(Failed Charisma saving roll)

You are unable to convince him to stay and he runs off.  No use chasing after him…better to save your energy in search of food.

(Failed Luck saving roll) (Failed Jungle Lore saving roll)

Foraging and hunting is once again fruitless, but…

Somehow, fate has smiled.  You encounter a friendly Taweii village which will give you your immediate food needs.

Reinvigorated, you are eager to renew your exploration of the jungle.  Your enthusiasm has infected a young Taweii warrior…the son of the chieftain.  As you leave the village, the young warrior sneaks out of the village to join you.    You have a hard time pronouncing his name.  You learn that it means “Optimistic Thought”, so that is what you call him.

You and OT journey for several weeks, then…

To your great surprise, here, in the unexplored reaches of the Jungle of Lost Souls, your party has discovered a lost city!  Around the ruins, the jungle is deathly quiet.  Even the jungle fowl cut off their raucous cry in  mid-flight when they flap near its dark, brooding walls.  It has been long-deserted; vines have overgrown its ramparts, and its stones are thickly caked in moss.  You notice a wide crack in the wall through which your party can enter.

While exploring the avenues of the ruined city, you discover its state of decay.  Tree roots have broken many monuments and foundations; walls and obelisks lean at dangerous angles, undermined by the shifting of the rain-soaked soil.. You scrape layers of moss from the walls and from altars you find, often discovering paintings of human figures and composite monstrosities.  You hope the latter are only mythological and not still lurking in the jungle-choked city.

You advance through a shattered colonnade and enter a temple which must have once been very beautiful although most of the glass tiles are now broken, and the bas reliefs are masked by lichens.  Statues of beautiful youths and maidens stand around a still-bubbling fountain.  Is this a temple to a god of health and youth?  Is the water magical?

Do you taste the water?  Ask OT to taste it first?  Skip it and continue exploring the city?

(492 adventure points earned so far.  Next level at 1000.)

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2 Responses to “Jungle of Lost Souls: The Lost City”

  1. Danhem said

    I’m thirsty. Taste the water.

  2. Dean Courter (Burraggha) said

    Yes, lets go for it. Drink.

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