You hear a distant drumbeat…

February 19, 2011

Here’s the lowdown on the Fire in the Jungle fantasy RPG supplement:

To be available at the print-on-demand site, a service of Hewlett-Packard.  I found this site to be easy to use, trouble-free, and with responsive customer service.  Publishing there has been a breeze.

To be released:  As soon as I get the final proof from Magcloud…likely in just a few days.  I could make it available for purchase right now, but I figure it’s best to play it safe and wait for the proof to arrive.  The first proof looked great.

16 pages on 100# text stock paper and color interior.  The heavy stock paper is impressive and sturdy!

$4.7o + shipping for the Print + PDF combo.

$2.86 for only the PDF.

Shipping costs are very reasonable to US, Canada, and the UK.  It cost me $1.25 to ship my proof copy, so I believe US customers will pay a similar rate.  The last time I checked, for a single 16-page book, Magcloud charges $1.52 to ship to the UK and $2.54 to ship to Canada.  Shipping to other countries is via Flat Rate Priority Mail envelopes for $13.45.  Pricey for one issue, but I believe up to 18 copies can be shipped in the Flat Rate envelope for $13.45.  🙂

What’s in it?

A ready-to-go jungle adventure or a toolkit for creating your own jungle setting. This supplement contains:

  • A brief history of the jungle’s troubled past and the natives who have survived there.
  • A color judge’s map of the jungle with dozens of described locations to explore.
  • A color player map to give the player’s a vague understanding of the shape of the jungle.
  • A comprehensive Jungle Event System that reflects the harsh reality and wondrous excitement of journeying through this jungle.
  • The Ant Tunnel Exploration System provides a framework for running adventures in these infinite, living tunnels.
  • The Tomb of the Monkey God.  A dungeon module with an Escalation mechanic that ratchets up the tension the longer the PCs remain inside the tomb.  Unique, overlapping color map of this four-level tomb.
  • Plus a variety of monsters, NPCs, hirelings, magic items, etc.
  • And, of course, the cover art by Rommel Joson and the back cover art by Edbon Sevilleno.

Because the back cover art shows bare breasts, buyers must mark the box at Magcloud that allows them to purchase “Restricted Content”.  It is packaged in a sturdy, clear plastic bag with the shipping label covering the nudity on back.  You postal worker may fold it when putting it into your mailbox, like mine did, but I discovered that it smooths out quickly and completely.


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