Jungle of Lost Souls: Desperation is as desperation does.

February 18, 2011

You construct a raft of bamboo and vine, fortunate not to have any encounters while doing so.

Your expedition glides swiftly along the current of the river.  The jungle-shrouded banks drift by; bue macaws dart between the treetops, and cranes glide swiftly over the water.  Sometimes, the river carries your party through shaded gorges where swarms of mosquitos sting your exposed skin.  At other times, you must pole clear of gigantic crocodiles or the evil-tempered nynniaws, blunt-nosed waders which might overturn a raft.

A surprise whirlpool catches your raft and pitches a member of your party into the river.  Alas, the channel her teems with schools of the man-eating mochdrev fish which can strip an entire bull of its flesh in ten minutes.

(Successful Luck saving roll)

Fortunately, the whirlpool briefly subsides and you are able to quickly pull your henchman onto the raft before the killer fish arrive.  But travel by river is proving more arduous than expected and it isn’t long before the hardships continue.  Your party is subjected to…

…attacks of fever-bearing insects in all shapes and sizes.  The weakened condition of your party allows jungle fever to strike.

(Successful Constitution saving roll)

(Henchman #1:  failed Constitution saving roll)

(Henchman #2:  Successful Constitution saving roll)

(Henchman #3:  Successful Constitution saving roll)

One of your henchman is hit hard by the fever and, unable to bear it any further, unwisely jumps into the river to cool himself.  He sinks like a rock and is never seen again.

Your henchmen are starting to get ornery and begin questioning your leadership.  In hopes of assuaging them, you suggest heading back to civilization and its comforts.

(Successful Charisma saving roll)

They agree and you pole the raft to shore.

(This is rather funny.  Strange rivers in this jungle…)

It will be necessary to walk back to civilization because the rivers flow into the Jungle of Lost Souls, away from the coastal highlands.

(Failed IQ saving roll) (Failed Jungle Lore saving roll)

A wise man would have stuck to the river to keep from getting lost, but Durby isn’t a wise man.  You decide to take a shortcut and become lost.  You don’t let your henchmen know that you are lost.

Your expedition tramps wearily along the trackless jungle…

Moist heat.  Putrid air.  Annoying parrots.  Laughing monkeys.  Itches everywhere.  Crushing rain.  Booby traps.

Uh-oh…booby traps!

(Successful Luck saving roll)

You are lucky to detect a pit trap just as you put your foot down.  You lean back and wave your arms to rebalance yourself.

Then a spiked log swings down from above…

(Successful Luck saving roll)

…but you are lucky in that vines slowed its descent slightly, allowing you and your men to duck in time.

Your party has spent weeks in the jungle; supplies are very low.  Your party grumbles that this wilderness is accursed; it teems with animals, but they are shy of the hunter;  it rains daily, but fresh water is short.  You try to forage for your needs.

(Failed Luck saving roll) (Failed Jungle Lore saving roll)

You encounter a village of Taweii that does not look friendly.

Do you retreat back into the jungle, starving and vulnerable?  Or surrender to the mercy of the chief, hoping your previous experience with the Taweii will keep you alive?

(415 adventure points earned so far.  Next level at 1000.)

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2 Responses to “Jungle of Lost Souls: Desperation is as desperation does.”

  1. Dean Courter (Burraggha) said

    I say retreat. One snake test is enough for me. Get a good distance away and try hunting.

  2. Molly O'Jolly said

    Retreat back into the jungle. My head wouldn’t look good at the top of a pole.

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