Jungle of Lost Souls: Test of the Viper

February 12, 2011

You toss down your weapons in surrender, as does the rest of the expedition.  You try to explain that your expedition wishes no harm to the Taweii, but they are having none of it.  Their chieftain will decide your fate.

As Taweii captives, your party is proded along a wooded trail.  The moon is hanging low behind a glowing veil of mist before you  come to a village composed of a score of circular huts.  Your party is shoved in to one of these.  Worn out, you sink to the rush-strewn floor but lurch again to your feet, aghast – the floor crawls with stinging ants, spiders, and centipedes.  Staggering over to a log bench, you sweep it clean and then sit down and fret.  You have heard that some Taweii offer the hearts of their victims to the Snake God, and even some practice cannibalism.  You know that you must think of a way to get out of here before it is too late.

(Failed IQ saving roll)  It is too late…

Rough hands drag you to the far side of the Taweii village.  There, seated on a bamboo chair with a high back crowned in skulls, the painted-faced chieftain awaits your party.  The native warriors throw you on your knees before him.  The smug chief rises, satisfied that he has chosen a fitting way to deal with you.

(Successful Luck saving roll)  Luck shines…

In order to establish better relations with the Durenians (the colonists), the chief will adopt you into the tribe.  You party is taken to a gathering of important villagers, all of them draped with handsome animal skins and bird plumes.  You are not sure what’s hapening and tremble inwardly when the witch doctor brings a large, green viper to the assembly and passes it to one of the village elders.  The elder takes it in both hands, raises it in a salute to the heavens, and passes it to the man beside him.  Soon, it is passed to the first member of your party.  If the snake-holder shows fear, the odor and trembling of him will incite the snake to give him a fatal bite.

(Porter #1 fails Willpower saving roll)  The snake bites a porter, who then goes into a violent seizure and dies.

(Porter #2 succeeds Willpower saving roll) The other porter passes the test.

(Warrior #1 succeeds Willpower saving roll) A warrior lives to die another day.

(Warrior #2 fails Willpower saving roll)  A warrior dies a horrible death.

(Warrior #3 succeeds Willpower saving roll)  The last warrior is a powerful, though rather dumb, brute.  He handles the viper as if it were a kitten.

(Negley succeeds Willpower saving roll)  The wizard with a nickname of Scarecrow shows no emotion as he passes the viper to Cirio.

(Cirio fails Willpower saving roll.  Fails Constitution saving roll.)  Cirio can’t control his nerves and is struck by the viper.  He tries to fight off the poison, but succumbs and dies.

(We’ll continue the adventure as Warrior #3.  Your name is Durby.)

The survivors of the viper test have earned the respect of these Taweii natives.  In the future, potentially friendly natives are more likely to respond favorably.  On the other hand, many other natives are never friendly- they are savage through and through.

The chieftain gives the party their equipment back, plus a basket stuffed with gold trinkets, worth 500 gold pieces total.  His native warriors then lead you far into the jungle and point out which direction leads back to civilization.  Then they leave you.  Your expedition now numbers four:  Yourself (Durby), Negley the wizard, a warrior henchman, and a slave porter.

Your party gathers beside a stand of twisted palm trees entwined with vines and creepers.  Dejected by the hardship of the journey, your party argues about whether to continue on or try to find its way back to civilization.

You attempt to convince the rest of the party to follow you.  Which way do you want to go?  Back to civilization?  Or continue into the jungle in search of fame and riches?

Durby, Level 1 Warrior
Strength 16
Charisma 11
Dexterity 17
Luck 18
Constitution 19
IQ 6
Speed 13
Stealth 17
Willpower 8
Jungle Lore 3
Combat Adds +15
Machete 2D+3
Leather Armor (absorbs 6 damage)

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2 Responses to “Jungle of Lost Souls: Test of the Viper”

  1. Dean Courter (Burraggha) said

    (hate to say I told you so…=0)
    Lets head on to fame and riches. Whats the worst that could happen?

  2. Cartomancer said

    It’s not that bad… I mean, who could have known we’d meet a snake worshipping cult in the jungle… Ah, i think i need a higher Jungle Lore rating. Lol.

    I also say onward. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and so on and so forth.

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