Jungle of Lost Souls: The Accidental Cough

February 10, 2011

You attempt to communicate with the natives, using a simple shared language of common words and hand signs.   The natives can take offense at even seemingly innocent things.  Establishing trust with them sometimes feels like just a matter of luck, at least until the vagaries of their psyche is better understood.

(Luck Saving Roll failed, Jungle Lore Saving Roll Failed)

Things seem to be going well at first, but then one of your men accidentally coughs, triggering an aggressive response from the natives.  They start shouting in an unknown dialect and seven more natives materialize out of the bushes to the left and right of the expedition.  They all point their bows at the expedition and begin to pull back on the strings, yelling in wild commotion.

Surrender, Flee, or Fight?

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4 Responses to “Jungle of Lost Souls: The Accidental Cough”

  1. Dean Courter (Burraggha) said

    Attack! Even tho we are outnumbered. (4 warriors, 2 porters and a Wizard) I don’t look good in a stew pot and I dislike being a captive.

  2. Cartomancer said

    I vote for surrender. If the misunderstanding has caused panic, then attacking wont go any way way towards showing we mean them no harm… Well, i assume we mean no harm (you never know what you’ve signed on for with things like this).

    So, laying down our weapons and raising our arms seems like the best way to go.

  3. Molly O'Jolly said

    Let’s make it equal. I vote for Flee.

  4. dpbrandt said

    Normally I’d be the deciding vote, but I cheated and looked ahead at where the various choices lead. So I’ll roll this here d6 to determine which option is chosen: Surrender.

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