Casualty of the Jungle

February 10, 2011

The Fire in the Jungle RPG Supplement includes a “Casualty of the Jungle” mechanic wherein hirelings, instead of PCs, are usually chosen as victims of particularly dangerous events generated via the Jungle Event System.   Best not to travel alone in the jungle.  You don’t need to outrun the Bald Gorilla.  You just need to outrun your hirelings.

Soon to be a Casualty of the Jungle

The Jungle of Lost Souls adventure has a similar mechanic.   I also saw it used in this Flash game at

Expedition The Game is a challenging and addictive game based on the Expedition Africa show on History, which recreates the route that Henry Stanley took on his expedition to find Dr. David Livingstone.

It plays more like Yahtzee than D&D, but the best way to rack up points is still to get as much money/treasure as possible.  GP = XP, I presume?

Addendum 2-16-2011:  Jeff Rients proposes a similar house rule here, and commenters there link to additional discussion of disposable hirelings.  Great stuff.  Another way that my jungle campaign encourages the use of hirelings is to give some of them a minor special ability.  For example:

Trained Herbalist:  Can identify and prepare most Famous Flowers, Rare Roots, and Miracle Medicines.

Will the PCs choose to use the Trained Herbalist as a Casualty of the Jungle, and no longer enjoy the benefits of his knowledge?


3 Responses to “Casualty of the Jungle”

  1. […] An example of such a system is the Jungle Event and Travel System in the FitJ Supplement.  The basic idea is that main effect of the “bad events” on the encounter table is a reduction in the rate of travel.  This reduced rate of travel results in more rolls on the encounter table and the risk of additional hardship and excitement.  Eventually, the hirelings may start to die off one by one. […]

  2. […] mini-game focuses on the “casualty of the jungle” phenomena, but makes it especially rough on jungle travelers by triggering a potential hireling […]

  3. […] men are needed for scouting and defense. You’ll need extra men to replace those that become casualties of the jungle. Such is the difficulty of building a point of light in the green hell. Posted by dpbrandt […]

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