Jungle of Lost Souls: First contact with the Taweii

February 8, 2011

This solo adventure relies heavily on random events and encounters, which means the paragraphs in the book sometimes don’t connect together in a smooth narrative.  I’ll try to fill in some of the gaps so it reads better.

A couple comments in the previous post asked about Cirio’s swimming capability.  He has decent scores in Strength and Dexterity, so he should be a fairly good swimmer.  Because this is Tunnels & Trolls, there isn’t a “skill system” and so difficult tasks are resolved as Saving Rolls using one of the character’s attributes.  This particular adventure adds a special attribute called Jungle Lore that can be used in many situations.  This attribute starts quite low and is built up as the character learns and survives the dangers of the jungle.

You push through the crowd of natives, soldiers, and travelers at the trading post where a foot expedition is equipping itself.  You spy its leader, a craggy, stolid-looking man, haggling over the price of some leather armor with a bearded merchant from the coast.  He nods to your greeting and you tell him you want to talk about joining his trip into the Jungle of Lost Souls.

The leader is a wizard named Negley.  “My friends call me Scarecrow,” he says with a flat grin.  He explains that there is already 3 warriors and 2 porters (to carry the 100gp worth of gifts for natives) in the expedition, plus himself.  “You look like the quick and stealthy kind of warrior.  Just the type that would make a good point man for our expedition. Welcome aboard.”  Before you can respond, he says, “We leave right about…”  He looks up at the sky and scratches his beard of three-day growth.  “Now.”

Your expedition tramps wearily through the trackless jungle.  The moist heat is stifling; the air has a musty putrid odor.  As you chop a path through the undergrowth, parrots whir away from you and monkeys chatter angrily overhead.  The itch of the insect bites has made your party irritable, but the crushing presence of the endless forest awes every voice into a hoarse whisper.  For a distance you follow the game trail of wild pigs, whose heavy stench pervades the thickets.  It begins to rain; at least that will make it harder for the savage Taweii tribesmen to pick up your trail.

That’s the theory at least.  Fresh human footprints are found in the mud going in all directions, which means natives are very near.  The expedition scans the surrounding jungle nervously.  You know that some natives are approachable; but some are headhunters and cannibals.  Not much choice but to stay calm and continue ahead.

Natives step out of the bushes ahead of you.

You see four natives, but more are likely hiding in the bushes nearby.  They have small bows, but if you charge to attack without hesitation, they won’t be able to get any shots off before melee begins.  Do you immediately attack, or try to communicate?

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4 Responses to “Jungle of Lost Souls: First contact with the Taweii”

  1. Dean Courter (Burraggha) said

    Since they did not attack us on site, I would try to communicate first. Listen closely for others in the brush and possibly use the jungle lore skill to impress on them we are just passing through. All the while keeping a firm grip on my machete. (I assume its to hand going through the jungle)

  2. Molly O'Jolly said

    Communicate with the savages.

  3. Danhem said

    Try to communicate. Who knows how many are out there watching.

  4. Cartomancer said

    I vote for communication also. I too think that if they had hostile intent they would have attacked on site… I don’t trust them but, as long as they’re not firing stuff at me, they’re okay.

    At any rate, we have a wizard in the mix if they try anything funny.

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