Egot in Oil

February 8, 2011

It’s minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit this morning in Minnesota, but it’s hot in the jungle…

Edbon Sevilleno is the artist of this beautiful oil painting that will be the back cover of the Fire in the Jungle RPG Supplement.  He calls it “Egot”.  When I saw the unfinished version, my original plan was to use it as a quarter page interior piece.  When Edbon sent me this image of the finished painting, I was smitten and rearranged the supplement’s layout to allow Egot to grace the entire back cover.

Edbon sent me an email describing what egot means in the Illongo dialect (one of the 120+ languages of the Philippines):

“‘Egot’ in ilonggo means… dragging slow, that quirky sound you hear when a door opens. This is music to enkanto (Enchanted) beings.  The squealing sound of a chalk on the blackboard… Rocks in their ears bigtime! Weird…”

Very cool.  In the Fire in the Jungle RPG Supplement this image depicts a non-player character vaguely known as The Witch.  The music she plays is not sweet…it is egot, but strangely alluring.

Huge thanks to Edbon for painting this and allowing me to use it!  Edbon is wonderful to work with and proficient in many painting styles and genre.  Check out his Deviant gallery.


3 Responses to “Egot in Oil”

  1. Anonymous said

    galing mo,Edbon.Saludo me zau.

  2. Motet said

    “Egot” in Ilonggo is a mundane word that is annoying for mortals like me. The door needs some oiling to get rid of the noise . But Gabriel’s description of Edbon’s work gives me shiver to the bone. One artist complimenting the other. Superb combination. This is really music that rocks the underworld!

  3. […] sat abandoned since, but The Witch remains and continues to grow in power.  She is very old, but sorcery has maintained her youth and beauty.  She wishes to seduce Ceptaar and guide him to become ruler of the jungle…for her own […]

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