Jungle of Lost Souls: By land or by water?

February 6, 2011

This solo adventure uses the Tunnels & Trolls rules, but I won’t be showing much of the mechanics or dice rolls in the posts.  The character’s name is Cirio.  He is quick like a cobra and stealthy like a panther.  I hope he doesn’t die too quickly.  For what it’s worth, here are Cirio’s stats:

Cirio, Level 1 Warrior
Strength 12
Charisma 8
Dexterity 19
Luck 12
Constitution 9
IQ 10
Speed 14
Stealth 15
Willpower 9
Jungle Lore 3
Combat Adds +7
Very Light Bow (10 arrows) 2D
Machete 2D+3
Leather Armor (absorbs 6 damage)

(Text in italics is copied directly from the adventure book and is copyright 1983 by Judges Guild.  Only a small fraction of the multitude of adventures in this book will be played on this blog.  So if you like what you see, you should buy Jungle of Lost Souls and other great products published by Judges Guild.)

(A note for kids reading this blog: slavery is a horrible thing.  All men and women are equal and should strive to live in peace and with empathy and respect for one another.  Effective communication can prevent nearly any conflict.)

It is early morning, but already the burning sun is raising a steamy haze over the rain forest.  You stand in the gate of the fort contemplating the not-so-distant line of green that indicates the edge of the wilderness.  This stockade, like the several others of its type within a two-hundred miles distance, is the last outpost of civilization.  South of it lies the verdant maze which the Taweii savages call the Yspadden Wydyr…the Jungle of Lost Souls.

Almost a century ago, Durenian colonists landed on the northern coast.  There they raised bustling cities under the cooling breezes from the sea.  Except for soldiers, traders, and ambitious adventurers, no one ventures this far into the fever-ridden, mosquito-cursed interior.  Even these are usually content to stay close to the outposts, taking an occasional profit as some of the more civilized Taweii come in to sell their pelts, medicinal herbs, and other exotic jungle products.

You turn and stroll back in to the fort.  The musical call of the auctioneer catches your attention.  He is selling off a catch of slaves which have been brought out of the wilderness by a party of adventurers.  Yet they had come back disappointed; they, like you, have heard rumors of great wealth in the jungle waiting to be found, of ruined cities rich in grave goods, of undiscovered civilizations, of fountains of youth, and of graveyards where ivory-bearing beasts come to die.  You have already decided to try your luck in the forbidden jungle.

Does Cirio join the raft-borne expedition being formed at the river landing outside the fort?  Or does he join the overland expedition being formed at the fort’s trading post?

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4 Responses to “Jungle of Lost Souls: By land or by water?”

  1. Molly O'Jolly said

    Go by land.

  2. Cartomancer said

    I vote for by land. It heralds greater risks but there is nothing to suggest that if Cirio where ambushed in the river (and the slaves have to be coming from somewhere, right?) that he’d have any chance fighting from a raft (although he does have a bow)…

    But then there’s all the nasty stuff that lives in the river itself to consider, can he swim and such.

    Long story short, going over land sounds a lot safer and, the riches are in the jungle, not the river after all.

  3. dpbrandt said

    By land it is. Look for the next update tonight.

  4. Dean Courter said

    Yes, by land. Wish I had more jungle lore tho… Stick with some one who does… besides, I don’t see swimming skill.

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