Jungle of Lost Souls

February 5, 2011

Layout of the Fire in the Jungle RPG Supplement is complete and I’ve ordered a proof from the publisher.  I assume there will be some format issues to fix upon seeing the proof, and I will do a final thorough round of editing, so public release is probably still a couple weeks away.  It will be out no later than February 28, because that is when I’ll be leaving for short vacation.

It’s a relief to finally see a project nearing completion.  Though I’ve really only worked on it in my spare time (while not taking care of my one-year-old daughter), for the past month or so I’ve had the finish line in sight and put pressure on myself to work on it any chance I could get.  So, as I said, it’s a relief to be done and to give attention to other things.

One of those other things is to dig through the pile of outgrown infant stuff in the spare bedroom to find my shelf of RPG books that I haven’t really browsed for a couple months.  There I find Jungle of Lost Souls, a Tunnels & Trolls solo adventure published by Judges Guild long ago.  It is authored by Glenn Rahman, perhaps better known for creating the classic fantasy wargame Divine Right, but who also wrote some good roleplaying material such as T&T solo adventures and many fine articles in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice magazine (and likely in other mags too).

image from acaeum.com

I’m going to play this solo adventure, here on this blog.  Maybe I’ll post a couple times a week with updates on the adventure.  It would be cool if readers were to participate by help choosing which paths to take in the adventure, but I’ve told about five people about this blog and I don’t know if any of them visit on a regular basis.  So it could just be me twiddling my thumbs here.  Me against the Jungle of Lost Souls.

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