Not-So-Ancient Ruins in the Jungle

January 15, 2011

I often associate post-apocalyptic themes with jungles.  There you’ll find ruins not only of ancient civilizations, but also evidence of recent destruction and the occasional “Wow, I didn’t expect to find that here.”  Here are two examples:

Pacific Wrecks.  A massive collection of information about various WW2 wrecks (ships, planes, tanks, etc.) that have been found or are waiting to be found, many in remote locations.  I wonder how many more wrecks are undiscovered and completely unknown.  The review section on that site is also a fantastic resource for info about books and movies related to the Pacific War.

The Exploded Bust of Ferdinand Marcos.  This link is to just a single page on a large site dedicated to ruins, mostly those from mid to late 20th Century in Japan.  Legend says Marcos came into possession of large amounts of gold left behind in the Philippines by the Japanese after WW2.  Treasure hunters are still searching for it and any other caches of WW2 gold.   They checked inside this statue.  Nope, not there.

Would you like a tissue?


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