Derriere in the Jungle?

January 5, 2011

Excerpts from the English translation of Fires on the Plain:

One low branch of the mountains extended to the left and formed a backdrop to the forest ahead of me, it was curved gently like the smooth back of a recumbent woman.

Then I realized that the palm trees which surrounded me were being transfigured.  Gradually they were turning into the various women whom I had known and loved in the past.

Seems to be reasonable psychological reactions of a starving and diseased man wandering through a jungle.

It just so happens that I was looking to add some interesting features to a jungle map in progress, so I sketched out some rolling hills to resemble a recumbent woman.  It looked nice so I really got my GIMP on and added six more.  Next day I looked at the map and it was a bit overdone, so I removed a couple of the figures.  Now they are only where mountain foothills should be and it isn’t blatantly obvious that there are five butts on the map.  My wife glanced at the map and said it looked nice, but didn’t say anything about the ladies.  I didn’t point them out to her.

A small portion of the jungle hex map.

Jungle natives refer to the hills as The Five Amazons.  Legend is that giant women once ruled the jungle, but they were put to sleep by dragons and have yet to awake.  Outsiders scoff at this myth, but they admire the shapely hills nonetheless.


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